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St. Louis: August Freedom Month Proclaimation

Missouri State Senator Brian Williams signed Proclamation Declaring August is Freedom Month.

By Naomi Blair

On July 27, 2020, the Remember The 400 Saint Louis Chapter received a resolution, signed by Missouri State Senator, Brian Williams, declaring the significance of the Remember The 400 Foundation. This resolution also encourages all Missourians to celebrate August as Freedom Month, a significant month for Blacks all around the world, as it encompasses the 400-year history of their fight for freedom. Some of the declared statements include: “Whereas, the Remember The 400 foundation observes each August as Freedom Month because a number of watershed events took place during that month throughout the African diaspora,” and “Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved that we, the members of the Missouri Senate, One Hundredth General Assembly, extend our most sincere best wishes to all those associated with the Remember The 400 Foundation [...]” Remember The 400’s goal is to have August recognized as Freedom Month all around the world and this is a significant step in that direction.

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