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About Us

Remember The 400 Foundation

Remember The 400 (RT400) aims to have the month of August recognized as Freedom Month across the globe. Freedom Month will unite the descendants of the diaspora and their allies worldwide by acknowledging the lasting impact of the Transatlantic slave trade on the lives of millions and the resilience and growth demonstrated by its descendants.


Our vision is that of an equitable society. We aim to promote awareness and understanding among all racial and ethnic groups. We also aim to equip the descendants of the Children of Slavery with the tools, support, and foundation necessary to succeed and initiate the healing process for the racial divide.



Our obligation is to celebrate the achievements of the Children of Slavery and their descendants while setting the stage to move forward and toward racial tolerance and reconciliation by upholding the following values:


  • Education: to bring about awareness of the identity, atrocities, and contributions of the Children of Slavery.

  • Commitment: to healing the racial divide by cultivating economic empowerment, respect for families, and personal integrity.

  • Service to Others: lead, partner, or participate with community organizers, programs, or events that serve to enhance the experience of our youth and promote equality and social justice.

  • Leadership: inspiring the vision and setting the direction forward.

  • Citizenship: fostering the precepts of respect and the rights and privileges of all cultures within society.


Call to Action 

We encourage you to join us as we heal the racial divide by cultivating a society where peace and prosperity reign for ALL.  


You can do this by:

  1. Signing our petition to establish August as Freedom Month.

  2. Donating (service, materials, equipment, or monetary) to help our cause.

  3. Volunteering your time during community events.

  4. Joining our mailing list.

  5. Partnering with government, public, private, and corporate sectors to affect positive change.

Shadrock Porter, Founder

Shadrock Porter is a Public Speaker, Movie and TV actor, Author, Singer, Composer, Songwriter, Producer, and Director of many spectacular theatrical plays. Shadrock Porter is well known for his creation, “The Story of Ruth,” “Freedom Fighters,” and “Shadow of the Slaves,” a theatrical play honouring Canada for being a haven for slaves during the era of the underground railroad. He is also known for “Freedom Fighters, In the Mind of a Child,” and his latest, “The Journey,” a sold-out theatrical production in New York, London, and Toronto, to name a few locations. Shadrock Porter won the Canadian Dora Mavor Moore Award for playing Nick Bottom in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 1983 and is still a full member of the Canadian actor’s union “Actra.”

We want to thank Elder Shadrock Porter, who has dedicated his life to teaching the history, culture, and identity of the children of slavery while sharing the prophetic nature of their enslavement. He is to be applauded for being a visionary in bringing about the movement of #rememberthe400 and offering the solution to healing from this dark time in world history. 


Doreen Simpson, President

Doreen Simpson is the honorable president of the Remember The 400 foundation, a non-profit organization.  Since being appointed to her position in June 2020, Doreen has used her platform as a passionate and devoted leader committed to creating a convivial environment where communities can prosper. 


Over the past fifteen years, she has dedicated much of her time avidly volunteering with black youth.  Doreen empowers these youths to strive for academic excellence and self-pride.

Since 2004, her previous roles include being a Director for R.I.S.E Youth Group, where she focused on improving the quality of black historical education taught to young leaders across Toronto, Canada, and the United States.  Doreen also holds a senior position within the film and television industry.  In addition to supporting young people, she is keen on building partnerships under the umbrella of solidarity that will aid in forming a positive regional impact for social development within our communities.


Doreen has spearheaded implementing new initiatives within the Remember The 400 Foundation.  Her vision for the foundation is to be the leading voice in fighting for August as “Freedom Month.”  This vision also entails allowing those who identify as the descendants of the slaves to acknowledge and remember their history together.

Asher Greenidge, Vice President

Asher Greenidge is the vibrant and dedicated Vice President of the RememberThe400 Foundation.  Asher began her quest to lead and inspire others as an active member of the R.I.S.E Youth group, where she took charge of coordinating events and putting together valuable resources for her fellow youth. 


However, Asher's talents extended beyond her administrative capabilities. Her artistic talents in acting, singing, and dancing have adorned several theatrical productions and community events, inspiring all who witnessed her creative prowess.


Since her first role with RememberThe 400 in 2020, she has put her tremendous talent and experience to work as the Events Coordinator, successfully organizing both in-person and virtual international events. During her time in this position, Asher was able to deepen her commitment to her community and effectively develop her skills as an impactful and engaging leader.


As she takes on this integral role, Asher's values aligns with RememberThe400's mission, strengthening the organization's efforts to create a more equitable society for generations. Through her exemplary passion for leading, education, and creativity, Asher emerges as a contributing force behind RememberThe400's initiative to heal the racial divide.


Asher Greenidge leads the RememberThe400 Foundation alongside our president, Doreen Simpson.

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